San Marino City Council discusses mayor's future after feces-flinging

SAN MARINO, Calif. (KABC) -- Feces was a topic that overshadowed the four-hour city council meeting Wednesday at San Marino City Hall.

"This is San Marino Poop Gate," one San Marino resident said.

Residents are outraged after San Marino Mayor Dennis Kneier was caught on tape flinging a bag of dog feces in neighbor Phillip Lao's walkway.

"I will be suing the city and you personally," Lao told the city council.

Kneier has apologized several times for the June 7 incident, and says he has received a citation. He apologized at the meeting again Wednesday.

"It is with great regret that I did that and I apologize for that, and I have made it clear that it would never happen again," Kneier said.

But Lao says that's not enough. He believes the mayor targeted his property because he has been a vocal opponent of the dog park.

On Wednesday, Lao, along with several others, called for the mayor to step down.

"The next petition that I will get people to sign is a recall. I don't care how much it costs the city because we don't need him, we don't want him anymore," Lao said.

Others, however, spoke in support of Kneier, saying his decades-long track record of volunteer work and community service speaks for itself.

"What he did was inexcusable, but it doesn't wipe out a lifetime of commitment to this community, so that's lost in this," San Marino resident Richard Giss said.

After the meeting, Kneier told Eyewitness News that he has not given any thought about resigning.

"Everybody got their say, and we'll see what happens," Kneier said.

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