Motorcyclist injured in Simi Valley stunt may be same who jumped 60 Freeway

SIMI VALLEY, Calif. (KABC) -- It was an incredible and dangerous freeway stunt - a dirt bike rider flew over the 60 Freeway in Moreno Valley.

But Colin Morrison, a former pro motocross rider, says the man in that video is the same 24-year-old who was critically injured this weekend in Simi Valley trying to ride his dirt bike up a hill and over some railroad tracks.

Morrison says Kyle Katsandris contacted him last week for advice on the stunt. Morrison himself made the same jump about 10 years ago.

"I've seen this jump," Morrison said. "Someone did it before me and he was my hero."

Morrison says the moment caught on video was worth it.

"I was nervous because, you know, if you come in short or long you're going to die and break a lot of bones," Morrison said.

But Morrison said these extreme stunts aren't for just anyone. Simi Valley police, however, say no one should do something like this, calling it "extremely dangerous behavior."

The Simi Valley Police Department did not confirm the man injured this weekend was Katsandris, but authorities did confirm the man who was hospitalized sustained major injuries to his head and is in critical but stable condition.
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