Prospective LA parents lose money, left in dark as adoption agency goes bankrupt

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- The sudden closure of an adoption agency has left prospective parents in the dark and out thousands of dollars they had hoped to use to bring a new child into their homes.

Spencer Collins and Geoffrey Borys said becoming parents is a dream they've always shared.

"Kids was like a first date conversation just because we knew that we both wanted a family," Collins said.

The couple said they invested more than $15,000 with Independent Adoption Agency before it filed for bankruptcy earlier this year.

Now some who formerly worked for the agency said they're coming together to help.

Jennifer Bliss was a clinical director and told Eyewitness News she partnered up with to raise money.

"These are people that want nothing more than to be parents. To have the rug pulled out from under them is devastating," she said.

Bliss is organizing a fundraiser and set up the website to sell tickets and accept any donations. Grants will be awarded on a needs basis through an organization that is a national adoption grant foundation, Bliss said.

Former counselor Alexandra Desmond is getting involved, too. She believed in IAC's mission for open adoptions. She was once a birth mother who placed her daughter, Claire, up for adoption and then decided to work for the agency.

"IAC gave me the life that I have now. It gave my daughter a family, gave me a second chance at life. So I think that's why it's emotional for me," she said.

While Collins and Bliss have started the adoption process again, they hope those who need the financial support can do the same.
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