Santa Monica day care reopens toddler room after measles case

SANTA MONICA, Calif. (KABC) -- The Santa Monica High School employee day care center partially reopened Friday after a baby recently contracted measles.

The Samohi Infant Toddler Center, which is located on the high school campus, reopened its toddler room, but most parents still kept their kids away.

The day care center is only accepting children who can show proof of immunity through blood work.

At a nearby park, the hot topic among parents was the measles.

"Scary. It's very scary. You never know where it's at, where your kid can pick it up," said parent Lexi Holt.

The day care center made national headlines when it closed its doors due to a child diagnosed with the measles earlier this week. Fourteen infants believed to be at risk were told to stay at home for 21 days.

"We are fully for vaccinations. It's very important, especially now. The proof is in the pudding. I mean, look at what's happening everywhere," said parent Michael Wilson.

Just Thursday, a day care in suburban Chicago reported that babies at their center tested positive for the measles.

Health officials said these new cases are not related to the 99 confirmed cases in California; 94 of those are related to the Disneyland outbreak.

"I'm more frightened for, again, the children that are a year and less that are not of the age they're able to get the protection," said parent Quinn Exelvy.

"Having this large community of children walking around Santa Monica that are potential incubators for ancient diseases is a little frightening for me," he added.

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