Police seek additional victims in series of BB gun attacks in Antelope Valley

A series of drive-by shootings involving BB guns has Antelope Valley residents on edge.

One victim said he was walking home around 9 p.m. last week when a car slowed down next to him. The passenger, wearing what appeared to be a paintball mask, pointed a gun at him and opened fire.

The gun turned out to be a BB gun, and the victim said he was shot at least four times.

"They slowed down and they said something to me. I didn't hear what they said, and they started shooting at me, and they shot like three or four times before they actually hit me," he said.

The victim did not want to be identified. He said after the car sped off, he chalked the BB gun shooting up to foolish kids pulling a prank. But then he learned he wasn't the only victim.

"I went and called the sheriff's and reported them. I learned that they had been doing this all over the place. If they hit you in the eye...your eye's gone, basically. I don't know if they hit somebody anywhere else, they could hurt them more," the man said.

Another person contacted Eyewitness News, but in the end was too afraid to speak out for fear of retaliation.

Eyewitness News reporter Leo Stallworth talked to sheriff's investigators by phone and said that while only a few of the BB gun shootings have been reported to them, they are aware there could be many more victims. They said they want those potential victims to come forward and should not be afraid.

"It just makes me think they're going to shoot somebody who's going to shoot back, if they keep going around and shooting people. They're going to shoot the wrong person or somebody that has a gun to defend themselves," the victim said.

Anyone with more information on the BB gun shootings in the area should contact the Los Angeles Regional Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-8477.
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