Video: Clerks take down armed teen robbery suspect at NorCal store

HAYWARD, Calif. -- Surveillance video showed two clerks taking down an armed robber at the Royal Market convenience store in Hayward Friday.

The gunman walked into the Bay Area store with his pistol already drawn and in just seconds pointed the gun at the back of one clerk's head.

Video from the security camera shows the clerk's brother, who also works at the store, sneaking up behind him. Moments later, he grabs the gunman and wrestles him to the floor. During the struggle, the gun went off at least once, possibly twice.

One of the brothers was wounded in the hip and the other suffered a minor hand injury. The brothers managed to still take the weapon from the suspect and hold him down until police arrived.

The only damage caused by the tussle was a bullet hole in a nearby space heater. The owner said it was the first time anything like it had happened at the store since it opened 15 years ago.

Residents said they were happy everyone was OK.

"I'm very pleased that they're OK and amazed that they had the composure to do what they did," one woman said.

Police said the gunman was only 16 years old and is being booked into juvenile hall.

The brothers were both treated and released from local hospitals.
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