Heavy Handed in Santa Monica serves up smash burgers, beers

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Saturday, February 10, 2024
Heavy Handed strives to serve the best burgers and fries
Stop at Heavy Handed where you can watch the big game and enjoy their delicious burgers!

SANTA MONICA, Calif. (KABC) -- If you're looking for burgers, fries, music and a place to watch the big game, then you're in luck!

Head to Heavy Handed, a place that serves all that and more.

Longtime friends and owners, Max Miller and Danny Gordon, started smashing these burgers in Danny's garage almost four years ago.

Today, people from all over are flocking to the beach city burger joint to take a bite out of these tasty burgers.

"We are the best burger in L.A.," said Gordon.

It starts with a three ounce patty, their classic short rib blend of beef. They smash, season and flip to give it that perfect taste. They add some caramelized onions, a couple slices of cheese, a few pickles and their homemade "Heavy Sauce" to complete the burger. Just like that your burger is served!

"People have been more than receptive to what we've done and as we've grown more and more people are coming from all different parts of town, all different parts of the country. It's really cool," explained Gordon.

If you can handle even more from heavy handed, then turn your burger into a combo with fries.

They also have their famous "Heavy Fries," which have everything they put on their burgers loaded on top of crispy French fries.

For a refreshment you can grab a beer. An extensive beer list features beers from all over the state.

Before you leave Heavy Handed be sure to try their sweet soft serve organic ice cream. Perfecting the cone is their goal to give the best to their customers.

They started their business as a garage pop up shop, turned that into a food truck and now own a small local business.

The owners say they are thankful for the hand customers have played in making Heavy Handed a success. They want everyone to be able to try their burgers so Heavy Handed offers catering.

"We're so thankful for every single person that walks in here that becomes a customer, a repeat customer, and for us it's really nothing that we ever expected. We just put our head down and wanted to create the best possible burger and fry joint we could. And when people reach out to you and say 'hey, you got to interview these Heavy Handed guys or you got see what's going on here.' For us, it's just, it's really a dream come true," said Miller.

"It's a place for fun. It's a place for families and dates. Guys hanging out watching the game on the weekend. It's a stop for everybody," said Gordon.

Heavy Handed is excited to announce that they will open a new location on Ventura Blvd in Studio City later this year.

Heavy Handed is located at 2912 Main St in Santa Monica and are open seven days a week.

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