Anaheim goats eat away hazardous brush

ANAHEIM, Calif. (KABC) -- The Deer Canyon Preserve in Anaheim has deployed dozens of goats to assist with brush clearance.

Put simply, the nearly 200 goats are there to eat their way across the wilderness area, part of the city's plan to remove thick, dangerous fuels that could ignite.

Anaheim Fire & Rescue is utilizing animal labor because of its efficiency.

"We'd have to rotate crews repeatedly because of the terrain and how hot it is, whereas the goats, they can work all day long," Anaheim Fire & Rescue officer Daron Wyatt said.

Video footage above shows the stark difference between areas the goats have already eaten and those where they have yet to go.

Officials say the ever-popular goats also help underscore the importance of Anaheim residents preparing for fire season.
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