Fearless great-grandmother kills venomous cobra with shovel in her yard in Falls Township, Pennsylvania

FALLS TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- It's is not something you expect to see in Falls Township, Pennsylvania, but it happened on Monday.

A woman found a cobra on her patio and wasn't going to wait around and do nothing until animal control arrived.

"I opened the door, I said a bad word. It's a cobra, I knew right away," said Kathy Kehoe.

She says blue jays squawking led her to look outside her apartment door. On the patio she found a cobra.

She snapped a few photos first then as the snake slithered away this no-nonsense great-grandmother grabbed her shovel and chased after the 4 to 5-foot snake into the yard.

"He went this way. I stalked him and when he got over to here I tapped his tail. He went up and that's when I did the deed and held him there," she says.

Kehoe thinks the venomous snake may have been roaming around this apartment complex for months. Back in March, authorities removed 20 venomous snakes from a neighboring apartment, including 12 cobras.

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According to Falls Township Police, 25 snakes were removed from a Falls Township apartment by police and an animal expert. Officers say 23 snakes were venomous.

Kehoe had worried that some escaped. She says she knew she needed to kill this one to protect kids in the neighborhood.

"I was just concerned for everybody else because not everyone would know," she said.
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