Caught on camera: New Hampshire woman rescues young hawk that nearly drowned in pool

MASON, N.H. -- A New Hampshire woman rescued a young hawk that was stuck in her pool and shared the video of the rescue.

Cortnie Langley of Mason, who is eight months pregnant, said the hawk started to go under water so she had no choice but to grab it with her bare hands.

"After I saw his head go under once or twice I knew I had to pull him out of there so thankfully I was able to get him out with my hands," Langley said.

WATCH | Tennessee woman jumps into frozen pool to rescue dog
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VIDEO: Tennessee woman jumps into frozen pool to rescue dog

The hawk then sat on her arm for 20 minutes before flying away, probably drying off and gaining strength.

"So I'm just grateful that I was here, right time, right place and I definitely would do it again if I had to," Langley said.

Langley and her family just opened a farm in Mason. They have not seen the young hawk again.

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