Dogs transformed into Kardashian, Darth Vader for Kimmel's halloween parade

When it comes to donning the perfect Halloween costume, the dogs in Jimmy Kimmel Live's canine Halloween parade really put their best paw forward. Instead of putting on doggie shirts and accessories, these dogs went to the groomer's.

Catherine Opson, the creative dog groomer behind the costumes, told Kimmel that only some dogs have the right personality for this kind of grooming, and she chooses dogs that she knows will enjoy the process.

To get the final look just right, Opson spends as much as 15 hours shaving and trimming each dog, she said. All of the products she uses on the dogs are non-toxic, she said.

See the dogs groomed to look like Scooby-Doo, Kissy Scissor-Paws, Kim Paw-Dashian, a "fun-sized" giraffe and a group of Star Wars characters in the third annual Kimmel Canine Halloween Costume Parade.
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