Motorcyclist rescues kitten from busy intersection

An online video is going viral. It shows a terrifying close call involving a kitten.

The tiny cat found itself in the middle of a busy intersection with massive vehicles coming within inches of it.

That's when a motorcyclist rode in and stopped traffic. The good Samaritan then scooped the frightened kitten to safety.

The cyclist from Texas left the kitten with a bystander so she could retrieve her bike, still running, from the road.

The video, which was recorded with a camera mounted atop the motorcyclist's helmet and posted to YouTube, has been viewed more than 1.7 million times in three days.

The mystery hero has since taken the kitten home and named it Skids. She says a vet found nothing wrong other than a little ringworm, which is being treated.

She has since posted videos of a happy kitten playing and cat napping.
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