4-year-old girl's 'Leave Me Alone' song goes viral

PHILADELPHIA -- A 4-year-old Instagram star from Philadelphia may have made up the song of the year -- and it's only January.

Meet Milan Marie, singing "Leave Me Alone," because after a year together in lockdown, often you just want to say "leave me alone".

Mom, Jovan, tells Action News that Milan has been singing ever since she could form sentences.

This little girl, with so much personality, makes up her own melodies and lyrics.

She is no stranger to going viral.

Her mom manages the Instagram page for this mini influencer and Milan has more than 370,000 followers.

The "Leave Me Alone" song was reposted by the actress Taraji P. Henson and has taken off, with thousands of comments, views, and shares.

Milan wants her fans to know that she is so thankful for them and sees their sweet comments. So, maybe her Instagram followers don't have to leave her alone after all.

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