Healthcare's pros, cons debated by California political figures Jones, Brulte

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- State Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones and state Republican Party Chairman Jim Brulte discussed the pros and cons of universal healthcare on ABC7's Eyewitness Newsmakers.

Jones is in favor of universal healthcare, or Medicare for all.

Despite the cost, he believes healthcare would ultimately be better and more cost effective.

The state Senate has taken a vote toward the idea but the measure has been put on hold in the Assembly.

Later in the program, state Republican Party Chairman Jim Brulte used universal healthcare as an example of differences between the state's Republicans and Democrats.

Brulte said the total state budget is $180 billion, and universal healthcare would cost $400 billion.

"That's not left, that's ultra-left," Brulte said of the political idea.

The GOP chairman expressed optimism his party will have strong candidates on the ballot next year, despite slipping party registration. No Republican has been elected to statewide office in California since 2006.

Brulte said there are Republicans among local officeholders who could be in line for higher office.

Jones discussed the Senate's efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. He said 5 million Californians could lose their insurance. He said the Senate wants to replace Obamacare with "junk insurance," which he described as affordable, but covers little.

Newsmakers airs 11 a.m. Sunday on ABC7.
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