Pothole debate turns contentious at Compton City Council meeting

COMPTON, Calif. (KABC) -- A debate over how to address Compton's pothole problem became contentious at a City Council meeting Tuesday evening.

Council members verbally attacked one another as they discussed an issue that has left residents frustrated over delayed repairs.

"You guys are making excuses -- it's all talk," a woman said during the meeting's public comment period. "Our cars are getting torn up."

Last year, Compton voters passed Measure P, a sales tax increase that funds the filling of potholes and other infrastructure projects. So far, the city has not spent any of those funds.

Mayor Aja Brown on Tuesday launched the website fixourstreetsnow.com, part of a social-media campaign that promotes a new bond measure to speed up that spending.

"We can wait 20 years and improve our streets, or we can actually get them improved within the next three to five years," Brown said in an interview.

Many council members do not support the proposal.

"I'm not going to double-tax the people," said Councilwoman Janna Zurita. "The people voted for a one-cent sales tax and not a bond."

The mayor insisted that a "bond will not raise your property taxes."

"This is something that is guaranteed by Measure P," Brown added. "People want their streets done and they want them done now."

Tensions were high during the council meeting as officials on both sides of the issue accused one another of stalling.

"The facts are the facts -- that we don't have any ulterior motives other than getting the streets fixed," said Councilwoman Tana McCoy.

At the council's next scheduled meeting on Feb. 14, members are expected to discuss how to start spending Measure P's funds.
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