South LA mother says accusation she abducted own children was a misunderstanding

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Tuesday, July 9, 2024
LA mom says accusation she abducted her kids was a misunderstanding
A woman accused of abducting her three children in South Los Angeles says the allegations against her are not true and the situation was all a misunderstanding.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A South Los Angeles woman accused of abducting her three children says the allegations against her are all a misunderstanding.

Los Angeles police on Saturday issued an alert reporting three siblings had been abducted by their mother who did not have custodial rights.

On Monday, however, Timberly White brought her youngest son with her as she turned herself in to police. She said she didn't kidnap her children.

"I would never hurt nobody's kids or hurt anyone. I love my babies," White told reporters.

White said she had permission to be with the children - ages 6, 12 and 14 - and her sister picked them up from their grandmother.

"Me and the grandma had an altercation because I just recently filed back for custody of my kids," White said.

She added that after filing for custody, things escalated and there have been problems with the grandmother in the past.

"I filed back for full custody of my kids, and she was highly upset. She's been having my kids for the past year and a half now and she used them against me," White said.

White turned herself in to police voluntarily. Detectives interviewed her and found something else.

LAPD Sgt. Gabriel Gonzales said she was arrested on an unrelated felony warrant.

"The good news is the detectives interviewed her. They agreed it was a family misunderstanding," Najee Ali of Project Islamic Hope told reporters. "The bad news is she is currently being detained momentarily because of an old warrant. We're hopeful that can be resolved."

The old warrant is for a robbery in Riverside County. Officials there will have to decide how that case moves forward.