What is Prop. 17? Voters asked to restore right to vote for parolees after completion of prison term

A convicted felon who's on parole cannot vote in California, but Proposition 17 is asking voters if parolees should have the right to vote.

California is one of only three states that requires people convicted of felonies to complete both prison and parole sentences before regaining their right to vote. California approved that law 46 years ago.

Parolees are disproportionately minorities.

Prop. 17 would allow voting rights when a person completes their prison term but they are still on parole. People on probation already have the right to vote.

A parole commission report says citizens whose vote is restored after prison are less likely to commit future crimes.

Parolees still need to be 18, a U.S. citizen, a California resident and registered voter.

Opponents say Prop. 17 allows parolees to vote before paying their debt to society, denying justice to their victims.

A voting rights group conducted a survey last year and estimated about 40,000 California parolees would have their vote restored if the measure is approved.
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