What is Prop.19? Measure would change several facets of property tax rules in California

Ballot titles usually give voters some idea what the measure is about, but Proposition 19 is about so many things, it was given a vague title: Changes Certain Property Tax Rules.

Proposition 19 could be good news for homeowners who are 55 or older or who are disabled and feel trapped in their home because they can't afford to pay new property taxes if they move.

The measure would allow them to transfer their current tax assessment to a primary home anywhere in the state without paying higher taxes as long as the home costs the same or less.

Victims of wildfires or other natural disasters could also apply the tax rules.

The measure would also make big changes in property taxes on a home inherited from parents or grandparents.

Under Prop. 19, a child would have to live in the inherited home as their primary residence or they lose the big tax break.

Proponents say this would generate millions in new property tax revenue, with the lion's share going into a new fund for fighting wildfires.

The state will lose some and gain some tax money under Prop. 19 but voters will need to decide if they like where the money is going.
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