Video: Raccoon caught hanging out in hammock outside Pennsylvania home

Other well-known PA raccoons include one seen walking on a leash

By6abc Digital Staff via WPVI logo
Monday, September 12, 2022
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A Fishtown resident took to Twitter to ask a very interesting question: "Excuse me, who taught the raccoon on my back porch how to use a hammock?"

PHILADELPHIA -- We could all use a night like this.

A raccoon seemed quite cozy, lounging in a hammock in the Fishtown section of Philadelphia.

Sarah McAnulty heard rustling on her porch while she was working inside her home last Thursday.

She peeked outside and saw the raccoon just chilling.

McAnulty posted video to Twitter, writing "Excuse me, who taught the raccoon on my back porch how to use a hammock?"

"I grabbed a flashlight and my phone and took a short video and went back to work," McAnulty said.

McAnulty said the animal spent the night there.

The video has over 42,000 likes on Twitter.

McAnulty is no stranger to animals; she is a squid biologist who drives a car called the SquidMobile.

This is not the only raccoon from Fishtown that's gone viral.

Earlier this summer, another raccoon was caught on camera. This one, however, was seen being walked around on a leash.

This, of course, should not be confused with the Philly alligator on the leash.

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