'We remember Glenn every day': 'Roseanne' pays tribute to late actor Glenn Quinn

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Wednesday, April 11, 2018
'Roseanne' pays tribute to late actor Glenn Quinn
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'Rosanne' honored Glenn Quinn, who played Becky's husband Mark during the series' original run.

Longtime 'Roseanne' fans recognized a familiar face at the end of Tuesday night's episode: actor Glenn Quinn, who played Becky's husband Mark during the series' original run.

The episode, "Eggs Over, Not Easy," included an end card honoring Quinn, who died in 2002 of a heroin overdose. It also references Mark's death as Becky (Lecy Goranson) comes to terms with news of her infertility and reveals that she and Mark had been trying to conceive before his death. Since then, Becky hasn't been able to find anybody who was as good as Mark to have children with.

Michael Fishman, who plays D.J., took to Facebook after the episode aired with a touching tribute to his late co-star, who he called an "amazing person" who "lit up every room he entered and every set he walked on."

"As a show, we never considered replacing his character. Recasting as some in the media suggested was never even an option. Glenn is irreplaceable," Fishman wrote.

Though Quinn has passed, his influence persists, Fishman said. Quinn's family "remains in close contact," with his sisters visiting the set and his niece featured in an episode later this season. There's also a photo of Quinn hanging on the set that cast members pass each day as they are introduced to the studio audience.

"We remember Glenn every day. He will always be with us, part of us, part of the #Roseanne show and family," Fishman said.

When asked by a fan on Twitter about Mark's death, Fishman added that the show will explore the character's storyline in season 11.

"We felt we couldn't devote enough time to Mark to do it justice in 9," he explained.

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