San Bernardino residents unite at annual parade as symbol of strength

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. (KABC) -- The San Bernardino community carried on with an annual tradition in a show of strength following the unforgettable terror massacre.

The city's annual Christmas parade at Perris Hill Park was held Saturday to show that Wednesday's mass shooting will not keep residents from living their lives.

A SWAT vehicle that responded to the attack was at the parade, where community members could thank the first responders who were on hand and express their gratitude.

"The officer that was in the building and told those people, 'Don't worry, I'm going to take this bullet before you do,' made me feel so safe at home...all the officers this week, the military, everybody - thank you," attendee Unique Walker said in tears.

Local teacher Marc Wallace also attended in support of law enforcement.

"...This shows that San Bernardino is strong and we wanted to thank the police officers for all the things that they've done."

On the corner of Waterman Avenue and Orange Show Road, near the Inland Regional Center where Wednesday's mass shooting led to 14 deaths, a memorial filled with candles and flowers for the victims continued to grow.

Condolences were also added to a tribute wall that was started early Friday as part of Eyewitness News' Spark of Love Toy Drive in Ontario, in honor of the people killed.

The wall will be given to the San Bernardino Fire Department as a symbol of gratitude by the community.
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