San Fernando Valley restaurant invites purse-snatching victim, her mother to birthday dinner

After ABC7 posted footage of the terrifying encounter on Instagram, the restaurant commented and offered support.

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Thursday, April 18, 2024
LA restaurant offers support to purse-snatching victim after ABC7 post
San Fernando police are searching for a man seen on camera violently throwing a woman to the ground and stealing her purse.

SAN FERNANDO, Calif. (KABC) -- As authorities search for the suspect in a violent purse-snatching that was caught on camera in San Fernando, there's been an outpouring of online support for the victim of that crime.

Juliana Murillo arrived at her apartment on Park Avenue Monday with flowers for her mother's birthday when she was attacked.

"When I was about to go in I got attacked by a man," she recalled tearfully. "He pushed me really hard. I hit my head on the door. I couldn't process what was going on and my body just went into shock. I just kept saying 'What are you doing? What are you doing?'"

Video shows the man push Juliana to the ground and then struggle with her as she tries to hold onto the purse. She tries to pull it back but eventually he is able to grab it and run away. Inside the bag were her ID, keys and card.

After ABC7 posted footage of the terrifying encounter on Instagram, a restaurant in the San Fernando Valley commented and offered its support.

"We'd like to invite her and her mother for a birthday dinner at our Van Nuys store," Ramen Izakaya commented.

The suspect threw a woman to the ground outside her home in San Fernando and violently struggled with her before stealing her purse.

San Fernando police say this type of crime is rare for the community.

"It's heartbreaking seeing the video, especially when an innocent person is randomly attacked like that," said Lt. Walter Dominguez with the San Fernando Police Department. "We are doing everything within our means to investigate this crime."

Juliana is hopeful that telling her story can prevent others from being victimized.

"It's just a very unfortunate situation and I want to make everybody aware to be vigilant and look at their surroundings," she said.

San Fernando police ask anyone with information to contact the department.