Covington Catholic student in video sues Washington Post for $250 million

WASHINGTON -- The Kentucky high school student at the center of a controversial viral video is taking legal action against the Washington Post.

The Hemmer Defrank Wessels Law Firm has filed a lawsuit against the newspaper on behalf of Nicholas Sandmann.

Sandmann was at the annual March For Life rally in Washington last month, wearing a "Make American Great Again" hat.

He was captured on video smiling as Omaha Tribe elder Nathan Phillips played a drum and chanted.

After the images spread rapidly, especially on social media, Sandmann was accused of bigotry.

Opinions changed for some when another video of a group of black men, self-identified as Hebrew Israelites, taunting Sandmann's group appeared.

According to the lawsuit, the Washington Post "wrongfully targeted and bullied Nicholas because he was the white Catholic student wearing a red Make America Great Again souvenir cap."

A spokeswoman for the Post said the paper is reviewing the matter and will "mount a vigorous defense."

Sandmann said he was trying to ease tension by smiling at Phillips and denied any racist behavior.

The suit is seeking $250 million in damages, which is the amount Amazon founder Jeff Bezos spent to buy the newspaper.


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