San Bernardino County deputy helps robbery victim get back home to Washington

VICTORVILLE, Calif. (KABC) -- A San Bernardino County sheriff's deputy was praised for going above and beyond duty by helping a young robbery victim get home to another state.

"I was always taught growing up to be kind to people. Sometimes I have to be tough with people, but on the flip side there are times when police officers have to be kind," Deputy Jeffrey Dean said.

Dean was finishing up a report near the gas station at 7th and D streets in Victorville last Saturday when he came across a young man named Jacob.

"He had a little bit of bruising on his face and I asked him where that came from. He disclosed to me that he had been a victim of a robbery," Dean said.

Jacob said he was doing door-to-door magazine sales in the high desert with a group of guys when he was beat up and robbed. He was a long way from home in Washington.

"He was stuck out here. He didn't have ID and he didn't have money. He didn't even have a cellphone," Dean said.

Dean decided to buy the man dinner and get him a hotel room for the night. But Dean did not stop there. He wanted to buy Jacob a bus ticket home, but the station in Victorville was closed the next day. So the two got on the freeway and drove to San Bernardino so Jacob could get a bus there.

"We went and ate breakfast, talked a little bit more about him and what's he going to do in the near future and dropped him back off at the bus station and he was on his way," Dean said.

Jacob's mother reimbursed Dean for the ticket once he got home. His parents were so grateful they posted the story online, which made its rounds on social media.

"The attention I'm getting is kind of crazy," he said. "Jacob needed help. Who knows why I asked the questions I asked. It just was meant to be."
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