Studio City seeing increase in homeless problems

STUDIO CITY, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- An affluent Los Angeles community is struggling with a homeless crisis that residents say is spiraling out of control.

Studio City is seeing more homeless tents going up under bridges and overpasses and near schools.

Neighborhoods near the 101-170 freeways interchange are seeing more piles of trash and debris as frustrated homeowners plead for help. They say public safety is at risk.

"There's human waste, there's needles, there's drug use. There's lots of bad stuff happening just around the corner here at Tujunga and Riverside," said local resident Rudy Melendez. "We're fed up as a neighborhood."

Like much of Los Angeles County, residents here say the problem has gotten much worse in the last year or two.

Homeless people are setting up tent cities in Caltrans work areas and right along the sidewalks. Residents say youths are harassed by the homeless as they walk to school.

Residents routinely call the police, their city council members and attend neighborhood meetings in hopes of seeing some action.

Homeowners also say graffiti and petty crimes have increased in the area.

They know the homeless issue is a complex problem, but say they need help and so do those living on the street.

"Right now we don't see anything happening at all," said another resident. "The problem seems to be getting worse every week."

Residents will continue speaking out until they see action. At the very least they want city to pick up trash and the problems that it brings.
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