A voice for the Latino community, Vista LA celebrates 25 years

ByJovana Lara, Anabel Munoz, and Jessica Dominguez KABC logo
Monday, October 14, 2019
Vista LA celebrates 25 years
Vista LA, a groundbreaking show on ABC7, celebrates 25 years! It has served as a platform for inspiration, shedding light on issues, and a voice for the Latino community in Southern California.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Vista LA was a groundbreaking show when it first debuted on ABC7.

It was the first English-language news magazine program devoted to the Latino community in Southern California.

Since then, it's been a platform to showcase our rich culture, but most importantly, a voice for the community.

When the show first began in '94, one of the first questions we asked was, "Who are we?"

Today, as we celebrate our anniversary, we take a look back as we move forward.

"We all have a purpose, we all have to pick up where we're at - have faith and move forward," James Maciel, MD, said.

We are doers, change-makers and committed to community service.

"There's power in numbers," said Founder of the Women's March L.A., Emiliana Guereca.

A diverse culture that values family, faith and community.

"The contributions are everywhere. And Vista LA shows us what's possible," Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, expressed.

"When one grows, the first thing we do is we try to bring everyone in there with us," founder of We All Grow, Ana Flores said.

In the early '90s, the Latino population was the fastest-growing ethnic group in the Southland.

"The landscape was changing, there wasn't enough programming to highlight all of the good, all of the contributions," former ABC7 reporter and original Vista LA host, Henry Alfaro said.

Understanding the importance of community for the greater good, Vista LA was born with ABC7 veteran reporter Alfaro at the helm.

"Vista LA, that's the view of Los Angeles. It's the view on my people. Things that affect people all the way around," Alfaro said.

Now Latinos are the largest ethnic group, representing half of the population in Los Angeles.

Immigrant families and U.S. born Latinos are redefining what it means to be multicultural.

Our influence is seen in all pockets of L.A., especially in our food! Out city has become a mecca for Latino cuisine.

From icons and civil rights leaders to everyday people enriching our lives.

"You have brought so many stories to the forefront, you brought them to our living rooms so our families could watch," community activist, Richard Zaldivar said. "Proud of what we do in the community."

Vista LA is about sharing your stories of inspiration.

"I just want to tell all the little kids that have a dream that think they can't do nothing or somebody is telling you that you can't do something - believe in yourself and everything is possible," Heavyweight Champion, Andy Ruiz Jr.