83-year-old South LA man survives mauling by neighbor's dogs in own front yard

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Wednesday, January 4, 2023
83-year-old man survives mauling by neighbor's dogs in own front yard
An 83-year-old South L.A. man who was mauled by his neighbor's dogs is speaking out about the horrific attack, while the fate of the two dogs remains up in the air.

SOUTH LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Jimmy Lindsey is lucky to be alive after being mauled by his neighbor's two massive dogs.

Lindsey was attacked outside his South L.A. home Dec. 16.

"They both pounded on me and started to chewing on me from both ends," said Lindsey from a hospital bed. "And one had my legs, pulling me and the other one had my hands."

His daughter, Belynda Lindsey, said "he is a true miracle that he is still with us."

The 83-year-old grandfather has been hospitalized since the vicious attack. He has undergone numerous surgeries to repair the extensive damage to his legs and arms. Doctors said he could lose his right hand.

"They (dragged) me back and forth across the lawn like a rag doll. I thought my life was over, yes I did," said Lindsey.

He says he lost consciousness during the attack. A neighbor finally freed him from the dogs, who ran off when rescue crews arrived.

As Lindsey fights to recover from his horrific physical and emotional injuries, his family says the two mixed breed dogs remain at their neighbor's home. They say the owner refused to give them up.

"That the owner would say no, you're not taking my dog, and you get a court order, that to me says evil to me," said Lindsey's daughter, Belynda.

She says animal control told her there will be a hearing about the dogs' future. In the meantime, the 83-year-old is terrified about what could happen if the dogs run free once again.

"They are killers. They are horrendous type of animals. I wouldn't want no one, but no one to go through the pain I'm going through day after day," said Lindsey.

The 83-year-old faces at least half a dozen more surgeries as doctors try to save his hand. A Gofundme has been set up to help him in his a lengthy recovery. To donate, click here.


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