Thieves steal $50,000 worth of equipment from South LA church, including TVs and drum set

The church pastor said the thieves stole five TVs, three monitors, four computers and a drum set.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2022
Thieves take $50,000 worth of equipment from South LA church
The pastor at Revelation Church of God-Christian said the thieves got away with $50,000 of equipment, including five TVs, three monitors, four computers, and a drum set.

SOUTH LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- More than $50,000 worth of equipment was stolen from a South Los Angeles church over the weekend, and according to the church's pastor, this isn't the first time the place of worship has been targeted.

Pastor Ryan David Sims told Eyewitness News the burglary at Revelation Church of God in Christ on Avalon Boulevard happened on Saturday.

He said one of the deacons called him about it on Sunday before church services began.

"When [the deacon] came in, he noticed the front door was knocked in," said Sims.

After calling police, the two went inside and realized more than $50,000 of equipment had been stolen, including five TVs, three monitors, four computers and a drum set.

"It seemed like they were either professionals and they knew what to do coming in, or they knew what we had and they were ready and prepared to come in and dismantle," said Sims.

Sims said the thieves also took a generator the church was using to power the building after another set of thieves stripped the power lines to the church six months ago.

Repair work on the power lines was supposed to start this week, Sims said.

"They hit us the weekend right before our power gets back on, and when we get our power back on, we'll be able to put our alarm system back and the cameras," he said.

This all comes after a church merger that was supposed to launch a new beginning for members.

"A lot of the equipment that's here was brought in the last year as we are rehabbing the church, developing the church, remodeling the church, and in essence, preparing ourselves for the community work that we want to do," said Sims.

Despite the unfortunate circumstances, Sims said the church is choosing faith over fear.

"My hope for the people who did this ... of course justice is justice, but if there's a way somehow for God to get to them or we can get to them to change them so they don't do it again, that's what we're here for," Sims said.

A number of residents in the community have come forward to help the church.

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