UCLA AD Dan Guerrero ready to move past voting fiasco

PHOENIX -- UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero wasn't happy with Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott publicly calling him out for his vote to ban recruiting satellite camps, which ran counter to the conference's official position, but he said Wednesday at the Pac-12 meetings that he and Scott have moved on.

"Larry and I have discussed the issue comprehensively, and we are in a place now where we both agree we can move forward," Guerrero said. "The situation is what it is. There's no sense rehashing it. We are ready to move on."

In advance of the council vote on April 8, Pac-12 members voted 11-0 with one abstention against the ban. UCLA was the one school that didn't vote against the ban.

After his council vote, Guerrero sent a memo on April 13 in response to inquiries from other Pac-12 athletic directors as to why he voted counter to how he was directed. Guerrero said he believed in advance the motion to ban camps would be tabled, but when it wasn't, he believed the ban would pass no matter his vote and that it was best to pick among two proposed bans that best fit the Pac-12 position.

Scott told reporters on April 21 that Guerrero "did not vote the way he was supposed to vote." He also noted that 11 schools were against the ban and when asked which school didn't favor the continued use of satellite camps, he said, "I'm not gonna say. Form your own conclusion," making it clear it was UCLA.

While Guerrero's explanation in the memo didn't satisfy many athletic directors, Scott's decision to make the conflict public also inspired widespread consternation.

"No one likes when there is a miscommunication," Arizona State athletic director Ray Anderson said. "I don't think anyone would look at that and applaud it by any stretch. You look at it and say there are ways it could have been handled differently, but you learn from that."

The ban has since been rescinded.

"The issue is probably where it needed to be in the first place, where we can evaluate that whole situation, evaluate football recruiting in just a general sense," Guerrero said. "It's very complicated."

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