Things you didn't know about St. Patrick

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Saturday, March 16, 2019
Things you didn't know about St. Patrick
You know the holiday, but what do you actually know about Patrick himself?

Before you wear your best green clothing and show off your Irish pride on St. Patrick's Day, take a moment to learn about the person who inspired the festive holiday.

Patrick is remembered across the world for his efforts in spreading Christianity across Ireland during the fifth century. Patrick was believed to have born in Roman Britain sometime during the 4th century, but was captured by pirates and brought to Ireland, according to It was during this time that Patrick developed his impassioned religious faith.

"In a vision, he saw the children of pagan Ireland reaching out their hands to him and grew increasingly determined to convert the Irish to Christianity," according to

Patrick would ultimately escape from his captors and leave Ireland to enter the priesthood. But he never forgot about his desire to spread Christianity throughout Ireland. He returned to the country, although his efforts were met with resistance.

"Patrick's work in Ireland was tough-he was constantly beaten by thugs, harassed by the Irish royalty, and admonished by his British superiors," according to National Geographic.

Patrick died in 461 AD on March 17, which is now celebrated as St. Patrick's Day. His fame grew throughout the following centuries, and he is now remembered as the Patron Saint of Ireland.