The galaxy is not so far, far away; Lucas Museum of Narrative Art taking shape ahead of 2025 opening

Ashley Mackey Image
Thursday, April 6, 2023
Latest look inside new Lucas Museum of Narrative Art
When the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art opens in 2025, it will be a mecca for 'Star Wars' fans. But this state-of-the-art facility will offer so much more, and hopes to play an integral role in the Exposition Park community.

EXPOSITION PARK (KABC) -- The long-awaited Lucas Museum of Narrative Art is taking shape in Exposition Park. Since breaking ground in 2018, the official opening is now on track to debut in 2025. And you can bet when the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art opens, it will be a mecca for "Star Wars" fans. The museum is co-founded by "Star Wars" creator George Lucas and his wife Mellody Hobson.

Museum director and CEO Sandra Jackson-Dumont says they are custodians of the Lucas films archives and while people may come for all things Star Wars, they will leave having seen, and learned about, so much more.

"Sculptures and paintings and works of art that are about how images played a role in making us think differently and think a certain way," said Jackson-Dumont. "And they'll also have images that are aspirational, and works of art that tell the stories of a particular time and place, or about the future."

Exposition Park is already home to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, the California African-American Museum, the California Science Center and two stadiums.

The Museum's main focus is storytelling. The 300,000 square foot building sits on eleven acres and is nestled right in the heart of Exposition Park.

"We hope that people will walk away understanding how images have shaped who we are as people, sometimes for better, sometimes for worse," said Jackson-Dumont. "That they've actually played a large role in how we view society and how societies have been shaped over time."

After construction there will be a new park, a restaurant and movie theaters just to name a few of the highlights. In addition to the art, organizers say they are making a cultural impact by bringing jobs.