Stressed out? Smash it out!

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Thursday, January 30, 2020
Stressed out? Smash it out!
Stressed out? Smash it out!Stressed out?! Don't take it out on family, friends or co-workers. Take it out in one of the many rage rooms popping up across the country. Adults can smash glass, televisions and furniture. Customers can even throw paintballs to relieve stress! For more information, visit

Stressed out? Try therapy - Smash Therapy.

This place in Spring, Texas was started by Jennifer "Jiffy" Morales.

Morales said she had a rough childhood and dealt with anger, impulsiveness and depression, but she eventually found a way to survive the pain and created a place for people to vent in a safe but physical space.

At Smash Therapy, people break glass, televisions and furniture with a sledgehammer. They can even throw paintballs to relieve stress.

"Channel that energy in an environment where consequences don't exist and take you and your closure home afterwards," Morales said.

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