Tamron Hall opens up about how she's finding balance as a working mom

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Friday, September 6, 2019
Tamron Hall discusses her new talk show on 'GMA'
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The Tamron Hall show premieres Monday on ABC-TV.

NEW YORK -- Tamron Hall returns to television with her own talk show on ABC this Monday with, she says, a goal to bring experiences and conversations to an all-inclusive table.

Hall appeared on "Good Morning America" to discuss the show and how she's finding balance as a working mom.

"I'm trying to balance it all but it's a work in progress," Hall said on "Good Morning America." "There have been days I've been in the corner crying, saying, 'I'm a bad mom, wait a minute what am I doing' -- or I'm in the studio talking about a show idea and all I can think about is that face," she said of her 4-month-old son Moses with husband Steven Greener, a music executive.

In the past two years, Hall got married, became a mom at 48 and now is launching her own talk show.

"I want people when they see the show to see themselves," she said. "We were not always the kid that people bet on and I think most can identify with that. So we want to take you on this journey and talk about it, whatever it is."

Hall said her favorite part of the show has been the team of people behind the scenes.

"Team means the world to me, I have a phenomenal team," she said of the producers and staff who "came on board" and took a leap of faith with her. "We all believe in each other and we have each other's backs. Let me keep it real, I miss people too, I miss that connection."

"Tamron Hall" debuts Sept. 9 on this ABC station and is distributed in national syndication by Walt Disney Direct-to-Consumer and International.

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