Here's how to play the hidden basketball game on Facebook

(ABC Television Stations|Shutterstock)

As if workplace productivity hadn't already taken a hit from March Madness, basketball fans can now challenge their buddies to a friendly game of finger-flick hoops using Facebook's Messenger app.

To start a game, open a chat with one or more people in the app. Send them a basketball emoji (found under the bell), then click on it. A game will pop up, and you just flick your finger to shoot!

Your friends will see an invite to play along and see if they can beat your score.

This isn't the first time an Internet company provided us with a fun hidden game. Google enabled users to play Pac-Man in Google Maps temporarily in March 2015.

The Messenger app also has less hidden, more permanent functions, such as challenging your friend to a game a chess by sending the message "@fbchess play."
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