Mall Cop 2.0? Security robot to patrol DTLA mall

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A robot is set to help patrol a shopping and office center in downtown Los Angeles.

The bot is the Bloc's newest employee. It's part information directory and part security officer.

"It will constantly move, keep an eye on what's going on, but an added feature is that it will interact with the consumer. You can walk up to it, ask it questions, maybe try to find a particular service or product," said Bloc General Manager Dan Cote.

The robot will also have a 360-degree camera, WiFi and sensing units. It operates autonomously and can stream live video, read license plates, and send information directly back to security headquarters, who can respond appropriately.

The goal of the robot isn't to replace humans, but to add to existing security while also acting as a mobile concierge.

You won't see the robot up and running right away at the Bloc. It will need some time to familiarize itself with its new home.

A contest is underway to come up with a name for the robot. You can participate and vote on Instagram at @theblocla. The winning name will be announced Dec. 22.

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