Newly proposed emojis include beards, bacon, breastfeeding

Get ready to be able to say more with less, because new emojis are heading your way.

A set of 69 new emojis is being considered for release this June from Unicode, the association responsible for choosing all new emojis. They include such fun characters as a mermaid, a bearded man, a hedgehog and a genie.

Trips to the zoo are going to get easier. Have you ever wondered why there are two sheep emojis, but no giraffe emoji? Soon that immense problem will be rectified -- perhaps even before April the giraffe gives birth.

The proposed emojis also include more inclusive options like a woman wearing a head scarf, an elderly person and a breastfeeding woman.

While there is no guarantee that all of these emojis will be released, a number of the icons were proposed and voted on by users via the site earlier this month.

The most popular picks were a shushing face emoji, a vomiting mouth, a zombie and a giraffe face.
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