Burbank residents frustrated by Tesla dealer using street parking spaces

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Wednesday, December 19, 2018
Burbank residents frustrated by Tesla parking conflict
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One Burbank neighborhood is sick of a local Tesla dealership taking up street parking spaces for vehicles that should be on the dealer lot.

BURBANK, Calif. (KABC) -- If you drive through the Burbank neighborhood near the Tesla dealership on San Fernando Road and Alameda, it appears most of the residents drive Teslas.

But those who live here say that's not the case.

"We'll have like, I'll say 5-10 Teslas on this street down here alone and they take up a lot of our parking spots," said Kaline Smith, who lives across from the dealership.

Residents like Kalina Smith have complained to the city because they say the Tesla dealership is using their neighborhood as an overflow parking lot.

"They're here overnight, they haven't put any notices. They haven't asked us. Their employees seem to be parking here and no one is aware of why or how long," said Smith.

Smith's apartment building has 12 units, but only four spaces in the back.

Tenants depend on street parking. They say thanks to the Tesla dealership, spaces are hard to come by.

"We are currently looking at the situation to determine whether these are cars for sale or employees or related to something else," said John Pfrommer with the Burbank Police Department's traffic bureau.

Tesla couldn't be reached for comment, but Burbank police visited the dealership on Tuesday after residents complained.

"Within any given city block, you cannot park a vehicle in excess of 72 hours so it could become a violation after that," said Pfrommer.

Tesla is expanding in Burbank, currently building a sales delivery facility nearby.

Those who live here say they hope that facility comes with a parking lot.