Widow grieves for husband killed in crash with Tesla in San Francisco

ByCory James via KFSN logo
Thursday, September 19, 2019
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Kelly Dean and Ben Dean were in San Francisco celebrating their third anniversary when a Tesla crashed into them as they crossed the street on the crosswalk.

CLOVIS, Calif. -- Nearly two months have passed, but the emotions stemming from what happened to Kelly Dean and her husband Ben are still fresh.

The two were in San Francisco celebrating their third anniversary when a Tesla crashed into the Clovis couple as they crossed the street in the crosswalk.

"It's been really hard. How do you go on with day to day life when your world has basically ended?" Kelly says.

Her husband Ben died. She was hospitalized for over a week with severe injuries. And when she got out, the reality of facing each day without the love of her life set in.

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In video of the crash, you can see that Kelly Dean saw the Tesla coming, stopped, and threw her arm across her husband, before the Tesla hit them both, throwing them into the air.

"He was my best friend and I just don't have my friend anymore,"

Kelly and Ben together raised a blended family of four children. The two of them worked together at Fresno County's Department of Social Services - a job Kelly says was fitting for her kind-hearted husband who lived his life to help people.

"He would help anybody that he possibly could, he was such a giving person. He's legitimately one of the best people I've ever known."

Now she is left with just memories.

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Many of them are visits to Disneyland - a place the Deans got engaged at and bought annual passes to each year.

"That's what I will think of. It's my favorite place in the world and it's hard to go there now," Kelly says.

It's hard for her to fully come to terms with the void in her heart.

But she hopes if Ben is listening, he can help her find peace as she navigates the emotional pain of heartache and loss.

"I miss you, I love you. Please help me during this time because I feel like I'm drowning."

You can click here to go to their GoFundMe link.

You can click here for information about a fundraiser for Kelly.