Could Amy Schumer be the next 'Bachelorette'?

ByJennifer Matarese KABC logo
Thursday, May 28, 2015
Fans are calling for comedian Amy Schumer to be the next "Bachelorette".

NEW YORK -- Bachelor Nation loved when comedian Amy Schumer appeared on this week's episode of "The Bachelorette". In fact, they loved it so much, that now there appears to be a real conversation happening on whether or not Schumer could actually be "The Bachelorette" herself!

But, Schumer seemed to try to squash the least temporarily.

Executive Producer of "The Bachelorette" Mike Fleiss would not let the conversation die though and fired back!

So maybe the Fleissmeister could fly her in on a private jet for a meeting! It would probably be hilarious!

On this past Monday's episode of "The Bachelorette," Schumer helped Kaitlyn on her comedy group date. The guys had to come up with a standup act and perform it in front of a room of people.

In particular, JJ thought he would do amazing and that he is amazing, but Schumer put him in his After he said that he thought he was smarter than 90% of people she quickly told him he wasn't. She said in an interview, "He's a sweetheart. He's just missing, like, charisma and humility and sense of humor." Then added, "Maybe when he sees the show he'll reflect on himself and not be such a turd!"

Still, we leave you with these tweets by Schumer about the possibility.

It would probably be the best season ever of "The Bachelorette" if it were Amy Schumer!