How 'The Creator' brings audiences into its sci-fi world

John David Washington headlines this epic thriller

ByGina Sirico OTRC logo
Wednesday, September 27, 2023
How 'The Creator' brings audiences into its sci-fi world
'The Creator' director Gareth Edwards immerses audiences into this wild sci-fi world.

LOS ANGELES -- Good versus evil and humans versus artificial intelligence. That's the battle at the center of the new movie "The Creator." The film takes place eighty years into the future. A nuclear warhead created by artificial intelligence has detonated and destroyed Los Angeles. Cinematographer Oren Soffer picks up the story from there.

"The west has launched a war against AI. There's an insurgency, there's a rebellion, there's Special Forces that are infiltrating to try and find a weapon that AI has created that could end the war - and that's sort of the first five minutes," Soffer told On The Red Carpet.

John David Washington is the Special Forces agent recruited to hunt down and kill the creator of this warhead, only to find out the weapon is actually in the form of a small child.

Director Gareth Edwards looked to create a post-apocalyptic world where audiences could immerse themselves.

"Every decision on the cinematography side and the filmmaking side was designed to create an environment that would feel authentic and lived in and immersive and real," Soffer said.

See "The Creator" in theaters September 29.