Trevor Bauer's attorney cross-examines accuser on second day of restraining order hearing

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Wednesday, August 18, 2021
Bauer's attorney cross-examines accuser on 2nd day of hearing
The attorney for Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer questioned his accuser about her past sexual relationships with two San Diego Padres players during the second day of the hearing.

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- The 27-year-old San Diego woman seeking a five-year restraining order against Trevor Bauer was back on the stand Tuesday for the second day in the hearing, where she was cross-examined by the Dodgers pitcher's attorney.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Dianna Gould-Saltman is presiding over a non-jury hearing to determine whether Bauer's accuser is entitled to additional protection. In late June, Bauer's accuser obtained a temporary restraining order after claiming he physically assaulted her during a pair of sexual encounters. She alleges Bauer repeatedly choked her to unconsciousness and punched her in the face.

Eyewitness News is not naming Bauer's accuser because she is an alleged victim of a sexual assault. Under questioning from her own attorney, the woman testified that her horror grew as bruises emerged and her pain surged the day after the second time she saw Bauer, in May.

She said she could not believe what her face looked like. She described her face being bruised with two black eyes.

She sent Bauer a picture of what she looked like.

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The woman who says Trevor Bauer violently attacked her during two sexual encounters wants a five-year restraining order against the Dodger pitcher.

She testified that after sending the photo, Bauer responded by asking her if she was OK. She testified she didn't want the story to go public and wasn't seeking publicity. She said: "I didn't want the story to go anywhere."

Bauer's attorney Shawn Holley began to question her. She broke down in tears when Bauer's attorney brought up the sexual relationships with two San Diego Padres players, including Fernando Tatís Jr. in 2019 and a pitcher in 2020. She was working for the team at the time.

Bauer's attorney asked about an exchange at the pitcher's home about rough sex. The accuser says she wanted to impress Bauer when she told him "I like it rough." Bauer's alleged response was that he liked it rougher than she did.

The accuser then added she didn't know what rough sex was.

She testified that Bauer offered to send her groceries after the second visit to his home.

In a voicemail played in court, Bauer said, "I just want to check in and see how you're doing. Obviously I'm worried about you."

The woman testified that she received daily messages from Bauer, expressing his concern.

"Here for you if you want to talk," one read.

"I feel so bad that this happened," another said.

The hearing is expected to continue Wednesday and Thursday, and to include testimony from Bauer, 30, who was placed on paid administrative leave on July 2 by Major League Baseball. The leave has been extended through Friday. MLB says it is conducting its own investigation and Bauer could face punishment under baseball's domestic violence policy.

Bauer agreed to a $102 million, three-year contract to join his hometown Dodgers earlier this year after winning his first Cy Young with the Cincinnati Reds last season.

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