Model takes fashion week on in wheelchair in Denver

DENVER, Colo. -- A historic moment took place during Denver fashion week, and it was all thanks to one model.

KCNC-TV reports, it's a day Kate Nelson thought only existed in her dreams.

"I'm still pinching myself!" she said.

Kate got all glammed up before heading down the runway!

And her wheelchair is pretty cool too.

"Yeah! I had to pimp out the ride!" said Kate.

Bedazzled wheels and all, Kate is making fashion history in Colorado.

She's the first-ever model in a wheelchair at Denver fashion week.

"This is such a big leap from accounting, my normal career," Kate said laughing.

Kate took a leap of faith answering the model call.

She wants to change the perspective of people in chairs as well as make her family proud.

Kate lost her dad and brother when she was just two and her mom recently passed away from cancer.

To keep her family close as she courageously tries something new, Kate added her late mother's ring to her runway look.

She said, "Kind of that feeling that my mom is here."

Filled with a mix of emotions, it was time for Kate to make her fashion show debut!

Kate added, "I didn't trip so that is the highlight! (laughs)"

And every smile, cheer, and applause from the crowd showed Kate she is not alone.

"I don't have my mom and dad and my brother anymore, but they're my family, that meant the world," said Kate.

Kate gives a lot of credit to designer Maggie Burns for making her dreams come true.

"I'm hoping more designers will see she had no background at all in adaptive fashion and all it took was just listening to me for what I needed," said Kate.

And it created a day she won't soon forget.

Kate said, "I think the high from that is going to last for a while! (laughs)"