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Sunday, July 10, 2016
The art of running and the love of Los Angeles are combined as Patricia Lopez runs with Blacklist L.A.
The art of running and the love of Los Angeles are combined as Patricia Lopez runs with Blacklist L.A.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Exploring L.A. through a Latino lens and Latino expressions through art, food and exercise! Vista L.A.'s Patricia Lopez visits cartoonist Lala Alcaraz in his home studio, and we hit up Homegirl Caf for a local art exhibit.

Then Alysha del Valle checks out George Lopez's Chicano art collection at home. Then we meet Ozomatli lead singer Asdru Sierra who's working on a new project with Balthazar Getty, and learn about running through the streets of L.A. for the love of street art.

Lalo Alcaraz

When it comes to expressing himself through art, cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz doesn't hold anything back. His politically-themed comic strips were the first nationally syndicated Latino daily comics in the U.S. Lalo talked to Vista LA's Patricia Lopez about his passion for self-expression through art and shared a few upcoming projects.

Homeboy Art Show

Fabian Debora went from gang member to accomplished artist. Vista LA's Alysha Del Valle stopped by one of his recent art shows at Homegirl Caf, where Fabian and fellow artist Jose Ramirez shared their personal stories and the inspiration behind their art.


After winning multiple Grammys with his band Ozomatli, Asdru Sierra teamed up with actor/music producer Balthazar Getty to develop a new sound. The collective known as "Abstrakto" invited Vista LA's Patricia Lopez to their home studio to listen in on how they're expressing themselves through music.

Blacklist LA

BlacklistLA celebrates the art of running for the love of Los Angeles. Guided by the stars and the city lights, a couple hundred runners get together on Monday nights to explore beautiful murals from different artists throughout L.A. Although the runners probably don't know each other, their love of street art and the city unites them for an unforgettable experience!

Mole Festival

Feria de los Moles is the largest Mexican Food Festival in America! Once a year, Latinos make unique moles from all over Latin America and come together in Los Angeles for a celebration of culture and food.

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