Volvo back on track with eye-catching S90 sedan

Volvo is getting a lot of accolades for its newest model: the S90.

The car company is getting back on track after a change in ownership and a long dry spell for new products.

Back on track for Volvo includes showing off a new four-door sedan -- the kind of car that put them on the map many years ago.

The vehicle is on the large side for a mid-size and wears some eye-catching style, which is not something that Volvo was always able to brag about in the past.

There is lots of tech inside, too.

Volvo is also bragging about a familiar topic: safety. Over the years, being able to crash well has been a hallmark of Volvo's philosophy and their advertising, but these days, there's emphasis on the car being able to avoid crashing altogether.

Volvo will probably need to count on clever marketing. In the car market today, lots of manufacturers are offering similar kinds of crash avoidance technology.

The small but mighty engine is able to move the large car around pretty well, though you do hear the engine working hard when asked to. And if you think it's working hard to move the S90 sedan, that same engine is also tasked with powering Volvo's XC90 SUV and it's up to seven occupants.

The new Volvo sedan has its work cut out for it, competing with a host of other sedans in a car market that's going crazy for SUVs right now.

Using some of Volvo's old tricks, and some new ones, could give this Swedish ride an advantage.

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