Family of woman who died in LAPD custody vow to continue fighting for answers

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- An emotional mother is still trying to understand how her daughter died in police custody on the 1-year anniversary of her death.

Wakiesha Wilson, 36, was arrested for punching a fellow patient at a downtown hospital. She was held at the Los Angeles Police Metropolitan Detention Center. Her family said they spoke to Wilson several times while she was in jail.

But Wilson never showed up for her scheduled court appearance days later. Her mother, not told about her daughter's death, was directed to contact the coroner's office.

"They didn't want to tell me. I called every day from the time I left the court building. I called every day and they lied to me," mother Lisa Hines said.

The coroner's office determined Wilson committed suicide in her cell. A 10-month investigation by the Police Commission concluded officers did not use force against her. But the family claims there is 20 minutes of missing video that could shed light on what happened.

"After a whole year, we have not seen the video. They won't answer our questions," aunt Sheila Brim said.

Surrounded by supporters from the community and Black Lives Matter during a rally and march Monday, Wilson's family vowed to continue their fight for answers.

The chairman of OneUnited Bank in Los Angeles announced a $10,000 scholarship fund for the son of Wilson that will be used for his education.

"Today is not the only day we're going to stand up for justice. We're going to walk the streets of the communities. We're going to be at the Police Commission every Tuesday - we're going to be there," Brim said.

Congresswoman Karen Bass plans to introduce a bill at the end of the week called Wakiesha's Law that would require law enforcement to immediately notify family members whenever there is an in-custody death.
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