Lincoln Heights park's green design helps improve LA's water quality

LINCOLN HEIGHTS, Calif. (KABC) -- Tucked away in Lincoln Heights, right next to the Los Angeles River, a new patch of green, ten years in the making.

"We need to act with great urgency to protect our environment, we need to do that now," Gil Cedillo, Los Angeles Councilmember, said. "And this park is a great example of what needs to be done."

Ten-acre Albion Riverside Park can get a lot done. The green infrastructure built into the park can clean the stormwater that goes through it, capture pollutants and release it into groundwater basins.

"We're very excited to see the results of our work, our investments, through the various propositions both of the water and the parks," Cedillo said.

The price tag on the park is about $40 million, the new park sits on the old Downey Recreational Center and the Swiss Dairy site, bringing new athletic fields and more to the community.

"Also, a couple of features that are important to us, restrooms that work and are safe and secure." Cedillo said. "Recycling the water that comes through the park."

That's why they have 'Do not drink the irrigation water' signs.

Whether you come to play or take a stroll in the park, know there's something bigger going on with each step you take.

"Great savings to the community, great savings to the city, and most importantly great savings to the environment."
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