What happened to El Nino?

PASADENA, Calif. (KABC) -- If you are wondering when El Nino will make its grand appearance, scientists say - wake up, it already has.

Dr. William Patzert of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory said Monday there is no weather system or storm that is not feeling the fingerprint of El Nino.

That includes the recent blizzard that buried the East Coast, and experts said Southern California will get its fair share of El Nino weather as well.

On a temperature map, a red band represents how waters in the eastern Pacific are warming. The hotter they get, the more likely we will see more storms and stronger storms.

Scientists said the El Nino of 1998 that brought storms, flooding and mudslides to Southern California pales in comparison to this year's El Nino.

Experts added the signature size of this El Nino is twice as big as it was in 1998 because it has been building for more than a year.

A warning for SoCal residents is they should prepare but not panic.

Patzert said El Nino in Southern California will not be apocalyptic as the region has spent billions of dollars over the last 70 years for flood control.

For those that are still not convinced El Nino is the real deal, Patzert said to simply wait a few weeks.

He said, "By the time the Super Bowl rolls around, apologies will be rolling in."
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