Wendy's giving away free spicy chicken nuggets; 2 million likes for 2 million nuggets

Wendy's officially brought back spicy chicken nuggets to all locations Monday.

Now the chain is giving away two million nuggets for free!

The number is a tribute to the two million people who helped pushed the return of the item back to the menu.

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Back in June, Chicago native Chance the Rapper tweeted "Positive Affirmations for today...Wendy's WILL bring back spicy nuggets at some point please please Lord let it be today".

The fast-food chain replied to Chance's tweet and promised to resume selling the nuggets if a tweet got "2 million likes".

Goal achieved.

So the chain is keeping good on its word and making spicy nugget fans' dreams come true.

There is one thing, in order to get the free nuggets you have to order through Doordash. Use the code "SPICY-NUGGS" when checking out.

The deal is good through August 18 or as long as supplies last.
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