Tech thriller 'Devs' promises a mind-bending journey

LOS ANGELES -- Alex Garland delivers another mind-bending tech thriller that will have audiences begging the question: "What is Devs?" The new FX on Hulu miniseries explores the consequences of technology, set to the backdrop of a near-future Silicon Valley.

Sonoya Mizuno plays Lily Chan, who delves into the mystery of "Devs" after her boyfriend goes missing immediately after accepting a position within the tech division. While the miniseries is presented as a sci-fi thriller, the show encompasses a multitude of themes.

"It is full of different love relationships...interwoven with ideas about philosophy and science and religion and what it means to be alive," Mizuno previously told On The Red Carpet.

Mostly known for his comedic work, Nick Offerman took on a serious role for this miniseries playing the enigmatic, bearded CEO of tech company Amaya. Offerman claimed that it's not necessarily the invention of a particular technology that could lead to the demise of humanity.

"When our gadgets work too well, unfortunately it's human beings who are going to be operating them...and that's going to spell trouble," Offerman said.

While we don't exactly know what mysterious technology the "Devs" division is producing, Garland revealed that they're creating this technology "to provide answers to [existential] questions."

Actress Alison Pill offered up one of the central themes "Devs" explores: Whether or not the universe is deterministic (a philosophical theory which denotes that all events are determined by previously existing causes, eradicating notions of free will).

One thing is for certain: this show will leave audiences with questions and philosophical theories to stew over as the episodes air. Amid a slew cliffhangers, the mystery of "Devs" will unravel during the limited series' eight-episode run. However, Garland promises that audiences will feel a sense of closure by the finale.

"I think it will stay with you," actor Stephen McKinley Henderson said.

The first two episodes of "Devs" are now streaming on Hulu.
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