'Under the Bridge' stars dish on Hulu's new true crime series based on real-life murder

ByJoelle Garguilo KABC logo
Friday, April 19, 2024
Lily Gladstone on latest leading role in 'Under the Bridge'
Entertainment reporter Joelle Gargulio has details on Hulu's 'Under the Bridge' starring Lily Gladstone.

NEW YORK CITY -- In the follow up to her Oscar nomination, actress Lily Gladstone is back on screen starring in Hulu's "Under The Bridge".

Gladstone and her co-stars -- Riley Keough, Archie Panjabi and Ezra Faroque -- take on roles in a series based on a true story of real-life murder that rocked a Canadian town.

The series also explores themes of longing, otherness and race. When asked by Eyewitness News entertainment reporter Joelle Gargulio about what's under the surface of the show, Gladstone said there are layers to it and not just one thing.

"I think, you know, having come off of another project that is telling a true history, and took very big measure measures that really felt revolutionary, this series was doing a lot of the same, and bringing compassion and humanity and centering the victims, talking about why this happened to them," she said.

A show that's based on truth can be hard to work around, which Panjabi and Faroque dealt with first hand.

"Well, first of all, it shocked me," Panjabi. "But it does change the way you approach it. Because even though this is based on a real-life event, and we are playing a version of these real-life characters, you really do feel the sense of responsibility, responsibility of doing a show of doing the character justice in the best way possible."

Faroque added, "I mean, I felt very honored to be able to be able to play man Jade, especially once I realized what the whole story was about. I thought myself, what would I want to be able to give to him? As an actor? What would I want to be able to show in my mind, that he might be able to look back at so those, you know, those thoughts really go through your head. We're able to give great sense of relief once to you and I, and to my wonderful co-star because she was so brilliant in helping me go through such very difficult emotions."

The show does involve heavy material, which could also make it harder to find levity in the characters. Or maybe it's the opposite, according to Panjabi.

"You know, Ezra and I have known each other for a long time," he said. "We have a very similar sense of humor. So I was delighted when I knew he was playing it, the plane, my husband, and I felt we could really bring something quite special to that carrot character or bring a chemistry that will just happen naturally. But also, what I learned was, you know how wonderful it is to have a friend with you on a job like this when you're going down this very dark journey."

The first two episodes of 'Under the Bridge are streaming now on Hulu, which is owned by the same parent company as ABC.